Mobile Home Buyer
Affordable housing seem like more of a challenge than ever.  Monthly rents continue to rise in Northern Colorado and are expect to keep rising due to the shortage of available homes and apartments.  Have you consider the advantages of buying a home instead throwing all your hard earned money toward just renting?
For the same amount of money required to RENT a 3 bedroom apartment, you could OWN a Mobile Home and pay for lot rent.   Most of our home buyers will have their homes paid off in just 4 years! After that they will only have lot rent (50% - 70% less than what Apartment Renters pay). 
Another advantage of OWNING your own home is the ability to sell your Mobile Home and use the equity to:
a)   Put a good down payment on a House with land
b)   Buy another Mobile Home for cash
c)   Other needs
Qualifying for a loan can be difficult due to one of the toughest credit crunches in our nations history.  Any kinks in your credit and the whole process may seem impossible.  So we offer owner financing on our homes.
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